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You control your Journey

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Our Services

Our Services


You control your Journey

Cleaning the Counter
Grass Cutting
Female Driver
Carpenters at Work

Household tasks & general cleaning

We have a Team of specialised cleaners that will leave your home sparkilng!

Lawn Mowing and Grounds Maintenance

Lawn care friendly experts , hassle free and at competitive prices

Assisted Transport

Need to go Shopping? Doctor's Visit? or just a day out? We have the right Transport Services for you.

Home Modifications & Maintenance

Customised, purpose built Modifications and Home alterations to suit your needs.

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About us

You control your Journey

Our purpose is to inspire people to live their best lives. We celebrate diversity and welcome everyone exactly as they are. Enabling people to live the life they choose, in their home and in their own community.


We believe in the power of people. We are all unique and possess individual strengths, at Bridging Care we empower our people to grow, foster diversity and build strength as a team. 



We will work together to deliver on our promises, we will ensure that our success is measured by our actions to assist our Customers to live their best lives. 



We believe that all people are equal and all share an inherent humanity that connects us all.

We will respect each and every person and make every interaction 

About us

Our Values

Wash your hands - It saves lifes


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You control your Journey

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